How to use Badoo?

Badoo is a mobile-oriented platform, even if Badoo has a website ( So if you expect to have an effective experience from Badoo, you can start by downloading Badoo to your iOS or Android phone. Badoo is now available for download from the Play Store and the App Store.


What is Badoo? How to use Badoo?
Badoo is a social network service that is focused on meeting and building friends. Founded in 2006, Badoo is now serving in 180 countries, with Latin America, Spain, Italy and France being the most widely used countries.

1. Create your profile

Once you have downloaded Badoo, you need to create your first job profile after successfully completing the installation process. Create a profile for yourself by logging into the Record tab. To help other Badoo members contact you during profile creation, upload a profile photo, edit your biography, and fill out what you're looking for on Badoo right. After registering you can log in to your profile to connect to your Facebook profile and become a registered member on Badoo with your mobile phone number.

2. Upload Photos and Create Albums

You can create photo albums and upload your photos to Badoo to allow more people to interact with you on Badoo. If you wish, you can also post your Facebook photos directly in Badoo. Badoo offers you up to 500 photos. Note that you can upload your videos to Badoo as well as your photos.

3.Search for people nearby

One of the most important reasons why Badoo is a preferred dating app is to find and show users near you. In this way, by determining the age, body type, such as the details you can start to chat with Badoo by calling your contacts.

4.Cash In order to chat with someone on Badoo, your Facebook account must be connected to your profile and your mobile phone number must be approved. After entering the profile of someone you like, you can click the chat option and take the first step to chat. Thanks to Badoo's filter system, you can prevent users who are bothering you from chatting and stop you from contacting you. 5.See Your Likes You can chat with people you like and see who likes you on Badoo. Are you attracted to those who like you? Then you don't have to chat to anybody. 6. Rate Photos With Badoo's photo scoring system, you will never get bored. Badoo brings you random characters that may be of interest to you and asks you to vote for this photo. The more people you see and vote on, the more likely you are to vote on your photos. 7. Be Exclusive in Baboo! Badoo is a free dating and dating network but there are many different packages that can tell you about it from other users. By purchasing these packages and superpowers, you can achieve more people's attention and reach your goal in a short way.


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