Badoo Loving chat application

Loving practice.
Changing practice with you.
It’s the app you curse today, and you put it back on your phone tomorrow.

We’re the environment where you’ve been meeting new people since 2011. One night, whether for a few months or a lifetime; it doesn’t matter. Whatever you’re looking for, you can have this chance with us.

In our opinion, love can be seen everywhere.
On the tram, in the corner of the cafe, or in an app…
You never know who you’re going to meet and what it’s like. Love is a risk. You take a new risk every time.

But we also know that the chemistry of two people can never be drugged technically.
You can only tell if you’re asleep after you’ve started and tried.

What can you lose?

If it’s all right, it’s just a gut feeling.
Intuition, what is it? How does it feel? A realization? Is it an excuse that your head doesn’t have a rational explanation right now? I’ve always believed that I can trust my gut feelings. He taught me a better one until the last months. And until David comes.

My gut feeling is a mess
In most meetings, the bowel felt a few minutes later. The conversation went smoothly, we were on the same wavelength, laughing at the same dirty jokes, it was definitely a charm. Unfortunately at the same time in my heart I did not hesitate and direct my intuition “I want to see this person” feeling of my brain.

So far, it’s not really bad. He’s stupid if he looks back and finds out that the other side thinks it’s “beautiful” or doesn’t answer it. Did I imagine we had a good deal? Was he always treating me? After experiencing various experiences of this kind, at some point I realized that my gut feeling was a jerk. And I can’t trust him anymore.

“Where did we really get lost?”
Until David gets here. We made a match and got a few messages, and then the chat went to sleep. I’d like to say it’s both sides, but that’s bullshit. Someone always writes Last and someone doesn’t answer anymore. In this case, it was David. The chat is already so random that I forgot it immediately.

Just a month ago, he said, “Where did we really get lost?”I knew . That made me wonder. In most cases, it is enough for “Hey” when they see a new picture. I went into the conversation and we wrote a comma and a period for six hours. Why didn’t I notice how well David understood my humor? I’m stuck pretty fast, I’m stuck too fast.

The next day, we came together on our own. It’s totally out of the way between hooks. We just wanted to see if there was anything there. And yes, there was something. Three days later, we got our first official date and talked for four hours.

Ironically, my first kiss changed everything
It went like this for a couple of days: short, instant meetings, WhatsApp messages, stomach ache, a permanent smile on her face. “Damn, it could’ve been,” he hit me in the head. Pros and cons are almost just positive so far in the list.

Unfortunately, the first kiss had to change that. I don’t know what I’m waiting for. Maybe a little fireworks, a mini-blast. But there was nothing. When David stuck his tongue in his throat, there was only cold disappointment. This incredibly intelligent, annoying, humorous, wonderful guy could handle everything, not the language.

“The initiator, “I told myself. We just needed to find our flow. David told us we’d probably still have to work on our kissing technique – of course we all thought it was better. I pushed the excitement, but it was the first time I realized that a strange feeling was affecting me.

We met again the next day. Fast ice cream after work. We talked for half an hour, he touched his knee. When we said goodbye, the moment came when I was almost scared. He bent his head and did it again. Everything came together inside me. Bad, it wasn’t the fact that kissing was simply a match. Bad, I didn’t feel anything. Nothing.

Where is the FAQs of my life?
When I was sitting in the car, I realized I couldn’t fool myself. I wanted to convince myself that we would make me incredibly happy and have wonderful conversations. But even when I thought of kissing her or sleeping with her, I was sick. I don’t understand the world anymore. Why?

When David was a lot, almost everything was true – not just a gut feeling. On the other hand, when did my intuition last? I was crushed by the idea that there might be another meeting to reverse the future. But he also realized it wasn’t him. He’s not with the guy I’m going to sleep with. Who met my friends, asks me how my day came and drank too much wine with me.

I knew it was really one logical decision. But do all the bullshit between sex and sex really have anything to do with logic? Sometimes I want a handbook for my life. Or at least an FAQ. First of all, I want to have someone I feel something about.

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